The dick’s that brought you the widely accepted and applauded ‘Now That’s What I Call DICKSQUAD: Volume 1′ are back again with more timeless dick music for your ear holes. Volume 2 does just what volume 1 did but better! Reigning in talented producers from around the globe they have gotten the most poppin’ dick strewn tracks for this new edition. Hot on the heels on the new volume of DICKSQUAD we also have a fresh new mix from a couple of the originators of the squad RaceCarBed, whether the ‘Fall in the Plur’ mix is more up your alley than volume two of Dicksquad then that’s your decision, but both of these concocktions have plenty of dick to toss around incase you were worried about a lack of packing heat. Laden with trill bass, juke, and club vibes through and through there’s definitely a special breed of listener out there that this may appeal to but I’m sure they will find this brand new chapter in the Dicksquad saga quite refreshing.

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