It is no easy feat keeping track of the ever-expanding musical talent pool.  A myriad of artistic personalities desperate to shine can often have quite the opposite effect, leaving music enthusiasts discouraged in their quest for the best of what is new. Don’t fret. Ever the selfless and persistent surveyors of the darkest corners of the interweb, The Dankles have unearthed yet another promising artist.

Hailing from Chile, RVSB has by some means managed to dance in the shadows these past few months since the release of their debut self-titled album, off Nacional Records. Comprised of DJ Raff and Latin Bitman (Raff vs. Bitman), little has been publicized about South America’s heaviest electronic collaboration (even less is available for those English speaking vatos, like myself). Each established producers in their own right; the collaboration between the two has all the potential of the most grandiose meeting of the minds. Think Dog Blood, but with music that is actually audible and pleasant. The duo’s utterly unique sound escapes categorization as they meticulously flow from tribal screams into trap chords and beyond.

RVSB’s future plans remain shrouded in secrecy. Since their inspired set at Lollapalooza this past summer, no new bookings have been announced stateside.  Unless a South American trip is on your itinerary, the following tracks will have to suffice.


Cruz Del Sur

Peyote smoke clings to each footfall as you stumble from a dark teepee. Surrounded by haunting native eyes, your presence has inadvertently disrupted a ceremonial celebration. As the drum claps rise, you are thrust into the epicenter of the rising chaos. Hunched over, shoulders swaying, legs kicking sand, face-to-face with the leader of this aboriginal tribe- the realization that all is well becomes apparent.

Uh, that bizarre narrative is just one thing that comes to mind when graced with RVSB’s hypnotizing, “Cruz Del Sur.”


Ominously energetic, Araña haunts those lucky enough to experience it (note the live turntables).

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