This one is big, and it has received a lot of attention for the right reasons.  Crookers has always made a point to produce tracks that nobody can really categorize, and once again he’s achieved it.  You might recall that the dance duo Crookers that we grew up listening to has since split to become a single act.  Bot and Phra comprised the duo, but now Bot has taken his own path with some very successful results and Phra has continued on as Crookers.  “GuettoGuetta” could be a stab at David Guetta or it could be Phra referring to himself as the ghetto version of David Guetta, either way, we like where this is going.  Crookers uses the same formula that worked so well with “Dr. Gonzo Anthem“.  A similar two worded phrase that drops into something very difficult to describe.  Street bass or some fidgety form of house music might be the best way to describe the sound.  If you’re into dance music that pushes the boundaries and doesn’t feel so pre-made then this one is for you.  Grab Crookers’ new single “Guetto Guetta” on October 22nd via Ciao Records.

Earlier today Beatport premiered the official video for the track which will make your head spin and maybe even give you a seizure.


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