Tick tock you don’t stop!  This one line will forever be stuck in your head thanks to this trill masterpiece from Falcons and Hoodboi.  Falcons, a Los Angeles producer that is said to be a boiling pot of sounds, creating one style and seemlessly transforming it into another.  Hoodboi takes the sue-route and doesn’t give us much information to learn about him.  Either way, it’s obvious that both these producers have a firm grasp on what they’re doing and where they want to take it.  “Tick Tock” has a vocal sample that you may be familiar with in one way or another.  The sample comes from the classic Color Me Badd track “I Wanna Sex You Up”.  Falcons and Hoodboi use this sample to the full effect and make the most of it and later in the track there is even a Juelz Santana sample that goes even harder.  Starting off the track with a nice jersey club beat and soon following up with a sexy r&b rhythm and flow.  Don’t miss this free tune from Falcons and Hoodboi.


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