The young Parisian producer who goes by the alias of Stwo (pronounced stew) has truly been making a little more than just some ripples so far in 2013. With not even a year producing experience under his belt it’s truly astounding how much notoriety and exposure his music has received. Almost any song he lets loose fetches 10k+ plays in its first few days; it’s amazing how this skilled producer has honed in on his sound. Spewing forth everything from originals to remixes as the weeks tick by we are always excited when we get some new material from Stwo. Being that he has gained ground in the scene very quickly it’s great to see that his quick come up has still left him humbled as he constantly thanks his fans whether it be with posts on Facebook or by leaking out new material, it’s a great sight.  Just this week alone he let loose two new tunes, one being a remix of BASECAMP‘s ‘Emanuel’ and the other being a sweet harmonious original smattered with vocals from Shay Lia. Both of these tracks are packed to the brim with lush soft textured beats that are sure to leave you lost in a cool fog by their closing. Thanks to Stwo we get both of these puppies for free so don’t hesitate to swoop them both! Hopefully this is enough to tide everyone over until more material from Stwo seeps forth, until then keep your ears and eyes peeled.

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