I love the Bloody Beetroots.  Whether that phrase is common knowledge to you or not, it remains true.  When I first began to listen to electronic music, the Bloody Beetroots were there to suppress the craving I had.  A mix of house music with hard-electro and elements of numerous other genres come together to create wild music I had never laid my ears on before.  Then came The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 and my mind was blown away by what could be done with a live band.  The Bloody Beetroots will forever cope with the times and give us something fresh and Sir Bob Cornelius will always adorn a mask, but my love for the bloody beetroots will never change.  Sir Bob makes a point below to tell us why Jackson & His Computer Band had an influence on him.  I won’t even bother describing the remix, just know there is a certain level of epic-ness and you’ll probably have this one on repeat for a while. Enjoy!

A little note from Sir Bob –

Revolution? How many times have you talked about a revolution or change? But you know who was the first true forerunner of New Rave back in 2006?… Jackson & His Computer Band. If you haven’t heard of him then maybe you should take a look at SMASH & GLOW, the two respective albums that have changed everyones approach to producing electronic music since 2005.  That said…and because you are always so loyal to me and real fans that i want to give you a gift, a free download of my remix of Jackson & His Computer Band “ARP”.
Chaos & Confusion, I Love You All.

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo


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