I Wish It Would Rain - Bobb Tracks

I Wish It Would Rain – Bobb Tracks

Gramatik, Pretty Lights, and Tipper fans alike are in for quite the treat with this new release from up & comer Bobb Tracks titled “I Wish It Would Rain”. Combining uniquely and intricately-laiden samples of jazz, blues, rock, with funky drum lines, Bobb Tracks propels this new tune into an atmosphere of glitchy-bass and funky rhythms that can get even the most timid of dancers nodding their heads. For those of you unaware, this groove-maniac has shared stages with the likes of Minnesota, Mt Eden, Ill Gates, and Unlimited Aspect just to name a few, so bassheads from coast to coast should certainly be on the lookout for what’s to come from this talented producer, and snag this free download to get your weekend goin’ right!

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