The hunger within Chicago’s music culture is at an all-time high right now. This city has become more of a must-stop destination for any genre of artist(s) while having a strong reputation for housing quite the class of up and coming talent. One artist currently making all the right moves is Equator Club; whose blend of jazzy beats, funky synths, and chill vibes is gaining a whole lot of attention. The release of Equator Club’s ‘Get A Hit EP’ brings a single track that smashes in house-tech. Summertime vibes meet a hypnotic beat and the vocal addition will have you chanting. What makes ‘Get A Hit’ even more impressive is the stunning round of remix’s by another favorite of ours, Ballast, along with California kid JAYKO. Grab yourself a free download of Equator Club’s ‘Gent A Hit’ and be sure to keep an eye on what is only the beginning of his promising potential.

Listen / Download: Get A Hit EP – Equator Club 

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