What is there to say about Mr. Oizo that hasn’t been said?  Probably not much, he’s a well-defined artists with many accomplishments.  Mr. Oizo (born Quentin Dupieux) is a French producer for Ed Banger records and also has a promising film career, with films that have been official selections at Sun Dance Film Festival.  The legendary status doesn’t stop there.  Mr. Oizo is known to be on of the best when it comes to techno and even teamed up with Boys Noize for an EP release under the name Handbraeks (read more and listen).  More recently, Mr. Oizo released another highly praised EP titled, Amicalement (read more and listen).

Now, we hear the first taste of Oizo since the EP with a remix for Chromeo.  Chromeo’s “Over Your Shoulder” is already a hit, there is no denying it if you’re a fan of the disco-infused sounds.  Mr. Oizo takes the track and really makes it his own by giving it that techno-touch he’s known for.  Each verse of the original track is reproduced with a monotonous computer voice, little bits of bubbling synth-work dot the track and the smooth nu-disco tempo is kept intact.  If you’re looking for something a bit different Mr. Oizo is here to provide.  Grab the free download for this lazy Sunday.


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