Oxford native Orlando Tobias Edward Higgenbottom, known by his equally lengthy and unique moniker Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED), is a pioneer in defining the new sound of house music. Fusing his love for the dance genre with jungle beats, world music and his angelic voice, TEED has created a niche in the electronic world that’s all his own, breaking down musical boundaries and drawing inspiration from Bach to Chicago house music. His attention to detail makes his performances even more mesmerizing, as he usually performs in an intricately designed dinosaur costume, usually with lots of tribal influences, and garbs his background dancers in luxe costumes as well. It is no surprise that he was asked to perform a set for Boiler Room, the highly exclusive “leading underground music show”, which hosts a variety of extremely talented DJs to perform live sets across the world. TEED played a set with Boiler Room this July, and lucky for those who did not attend the show, the footage of his performance has been released to the public. In his set, TEED takes us on a cultural journey through his record collection, this time ditching the dino suit in lieu of some tribal face paint accompanied by his background dancers adorning some seriously impressive headdresses. The 45-minute set is full of great jungle and house grooves, and is a must see for any TEED fan. Put this on and get busy dancing!

Listen / Download: Boiler Room Set – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs


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