Doja Cat

For over the past few months, Doja Cat has consistently laid down new tracks and she’s killing it. Her beats are loose, eerie and enticing matching her i-don’t-give-a-fuck verses. This Los Angeles based rapper has the right amount of attitude and confidence in order to achieve success. She proves her talent in her latest track “Gimme Sum Moar”. Her verses are strong and laced with puns. At one point she states, “smoke a lil weed, bitch I’m feelin dandy. Lyin in the jungle screaming like a benji,” pronouncing benji like banji- calling herself a kitty ghetto girl. Her true name is Ami Zandile and has yet to come out with an album but has multiple tracks all over SoundCloud and She also made a bold, fearless statement by rapping over Kanye’s track “Bound 2”. Her quick freestyle over “Grind on Me” is tight and I’d love to hear it on an entire track.


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