Drake released one of my favorite songs of the year with “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” a standout from his recent Nothing Was the Same, that features an addictive beat and incredibly catchy vocals. There have been a myriad of remixes of the song, ranging from the Maybach Music Remix featuring Rick Ross to Kastle’s electronic-infused take, but none of them have done the original justice, in my opinion.

SOULECTION, one of our favorite labels here at The Dankles, is here to make my eat my words however- and leave it to them to release the perfect adaptation of the original song. StarRo from Los Angeles is responsible for reworking the track, that somehow maintains the feel of the original while infusing enough new elements to call it his own. He has enlisted the help of Iman Europe on vocals, who flips the oft-quoted line from the original into “cause you’re a bad girl, and you know it,” providing a perfect backdrop for the song thematically. StarRo has created a new track that is recognizably different than Drake’s original song, but still maintains all of the elements that made the original so spectacular.


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