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If there is any label that is synonymous with pioneering indie music, it is Kitsune Maison. Kitsune was started by Masaya Kuroki and Gildas Loaec; Loaec being famous for his previous work with Daft Punk and Thomas Bangalter’s record label, Roule. Founded in France back in 2002, Kitsune has quickly risen to the forefront of up and coming indie, disco and electronica acts.  It’s roster includes heavy hitters such as Gigamesh, Fred Falke, Yelle, Phoenix, and countless others. Now on it’s fifteenth release, Kitsune’s compilation album series has continuously been a highlight for bloggers and musicians alike, bringing a steady supply of hot new original tracks and remixes from its artists. Over it’s eleven-year stint, Kitsune has expanded into far more than a record label, immersing itself in fashion with a clothing line as well as throwing label parties in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Last month Kitsune signed the Parisian indie pop band Portland to their label, with the trio’s single “Deezy Daisy” being the latest release. A few remixes have already come about from artists such as Oxford, with the latest to be released is from Murer. Out of all the producers to re-imagine the track, Murer might just be the most qualified – after all, he is a member of the band. This is the first remix to come from Martin Murer, and he’s definitely off to a great start. The funky house style synth-lines that Murer incorporates playfully compliment the dreamy vocals, giving it a hypnotic feel. Murer gives the track a more club-friendly feel, taking the indie track and turning it into something you can dance to. Kitsune is giving Murer’s remix away as a free download, so make sure to grab it below.

Listen / Download: Deezy Daisy (Murer Remix) – Portland


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