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It’s Halloween season, you know what that means: fake blood, free candy, and a new volume of adrenaline-fueled monster-step from Figure, drumstep’s Halloween king. The fourth installment of Figure’s infamous Monsters series is full of all the tricks and treats you’ll need this Halloween. And like leftover candy, you’ll be enjoying this album long after the holiday passes.

We begin our journey through Figure’s musical haunted house with “Death’s Gospel” (ft. Brawninoff), a haunting intro which serves as a reminder that you never reall know what’s hiding around that dark corner. But “The Crypt” (ft. Khadfi Dub) is the true sign of the terrors to come: amidst a fearful frenzy of bass rings the warning, “Welcome to the crypt, where nightmares become reality”.

Figure’s nightmares manifest themselves as any heavy bass-lover’s wet dream. Take “Center of Hell” (ft. Helicopter Showdown), a high-energy slice of drumstep heaven. Over the next few tracks Figure introduces us to some new monsters. Most formidable of all is “The Blob”, an invincible and shapeless mass characterized by melodic discordance and the panicked sensation of having nowhere to run. For fans of Figure’s earlier albums, “The Blob” might feel more like a familiar old friend, the stuff from childhood nightmares.

Halfway through the album the “Symphony of the Damned” interlude provides a much-needed breather, but Figure’s trail of terror is far from over. “Living Dead” is a challenge to anyone who’s ever fantasized about a zombie apocalypse. “Are You Afraid of the Dark” (ft. Lexi Norton) is the album’s horrific gem: hellish bass and torturous screams highlight Lexi Norton’s tantalizing vocals, suggesting that you should, in fact, be afraid of the dark. And if it didn’t swallow you whole the first time, “The Blob Returns” with even more frantic and amorphous drumstep. To escape this monster, you’re going to have to dance. The maniacal laughter and bipolar beats of “Ade Due Damballa” provide all the encouragement you need to move those feet.

And what would Halloween be without a visit from “The Devil” himself? Honestly, if this track is the devil’s theme song, hell is definitely worth a visit. “Cocytus” (ft. Travis Peavler), the album’s outro, plays like a cinematic congratulations for the terrors you just endured – but Figure’s bass-fed monsters are far too compelling to run from. The album’s message is quite clear. There is no escape from these creatures, so if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them.

The fourth installment of Figure’s signature brand of anxiety-inducing monster-step is available TODAY from DOOM music, the label created by Figure himself to house his bassthirsty monsters. Find the previous three volumes of Monsters, as well as a variety of Figure’s fear-inspiring bass music, on the artist’s Soundcloud. Listen to the full album right here, right now. Brace yourself: Monsters volume 4 is one haunted house you may never escape.

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