Need some atmospheric lyrically fueled hip hop to get your day going? Today marks the day that the Midwest’s Waldo drops his latest project ‘NSDE/OUTSDE’, which comes at us in the form of a ten track double feature. With the production being picked up by the talented Sango for the most part it should be pretty blatant that there will be a few well orchestrated masterpieces sewn up in this two sided release. ‘NSDE/OUTSDE’ is being hosted by AGO, a collective of talented producers and musicians out of West Michigan that have truly been making some waves this year. Waldo’s laid back flow runs seamlessly with the production Sango has backed each track with so don’t be surprised if you are lulled off into a misty fog while you’re carried through each track on this release. Strolling from upbeat inspiring lyrics to a few tracks that make you wanna get up and out of your seat it’s great to see that Waldo can bring us on such a constantly shifting journey. As you could tell from the title of this article, Waldo is hooking this new project of his up for free so definitely don’t sleep on this opportunity to get all ten of these tracks tucked up and cozy in your library.

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