Music has a way of conveying certain emotions that are difficult to bring out through words, and the latest track from D33J‘s second EP of the year does this in a way few other songs have been able to accomplish. The West Coast producer has said that the Gravel EP (available today on iTunes) is his expression of “self-reflection—trying to replicate the feeling of sitting alone after you get home late, still drunk and on drugs,” a feeling impossible to describe in words, but a shared feeling that D33J is able to convey through the hushed vocals and landscaping melodies of “Stills.”

Not only has D33J been able to hop on nationwide tours this year with Baths and Mount Kimbie, but the Wedidit Collective member has now released two EP’s under the Anticon label since April of this year. “Stills” encompasses his achievements of 2013 and it truly needs to be heard to be understood- try and tell me your serotonin levels don’t go up around the 2:25 mark.



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