The “No Boundaries, No Genres” man is back with the second installment of the ACID series.  Last year right around this time, OWSLA artist, David Heartbreak released the first ACID compilation that arrived just in time for Halloween.  The industrial psychedelic characteristics of the dark acid house original are carried over to the new release of More Acid and hosts a very similar cast of producers.

The second chapter features a bulkier package of work with more tracks and additions to the producer roster.  Each track has an individual sound and feeling that distinguishes every labor but as a whole, the More Acid compilation is held underneath the return to the 303 electro synthesizer patterns that defined what acid house was when developed.  Heartbreak’s personal touch to the compilation is “Respect My Error” with Manhattan producer, Katnip Trax.  The eerie feeling of the track exudes through the swift tempo paired with head pounding knocks pulsating throughout.  A dab of reggae is featured on “Rise Up!” by J-Kray and I cannot possibly resist the hypnotizing moombahton vibe of “Side Effect” by Jon Kwest.

IVarr, Chooky, Cafe con Leche, Nicademass, Cy Kosis, Rex Riot, Vass, Duranteand many more lend a productional flare to the project which augment the development of acid house into “left field” directions utilizing elements from twerk, big room, hip-hop, reggae, and more.  The notion to take formulamatic sounds to new levels by cross manipulating a plethora of fresh components and feelings to create something completely new and innovative has always been a specialty of David Heartbreak and we urge him to continue to push the envelope.

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