AC Slater is no stranger to our catalog of tunes here at The Dankles.  The big Brooklyn bass that emits from each and every tune he produces hit me just as hard as the last.  In fact, AC Slater was one of the first bass music artists that really captured my attention.  Though Slater doesn’t necessarily dabble in traditional 140BPM dubstep so much anymore, you can find no shortage of wobbles and sub-bass in his house tunes that are laced with juicy basslines.  His tunes never let me down because it’s always a fresh approach to each and every track.  Not only is AC Slater a gifted producer, he’s apart of the influential labels Party Like Us and Trouble & Bass.  A well-rounded producer with a nevered ending library of tunes.  AC Slater adds this Wiley remix to the bunch today.  Wiley, a UK grime artist no doubt would be proud of AC Slater’s execution beefing up the tune like no other.  Lucky for you, AC Slater is giving this one up for free, so snag the download below and turn the sub all the way up.


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