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Once the creepy Roaring 20’s carnival skit began Beats Antique proved their performance would be unparalleled to any other. On October 10th, the eccentric threesome performed in Iowa City at Blue Moose Tap House. The women in the crowd were decked out in long flowing skirts with their jingles swinging around the tiny venue. Hula-hoops spun while eager fans lined the edges of the balcony to get a closer look at the elaborate Zoe Jakes while she belly danced, smiling ear-to-ear.

Jakes was adorned in vibrant costumes of turquoise, burgundy and gold. The video animations continued throughout the performance making even the most sober person feel like they were tripping on something new. One video displayed drawings of Beats Antique created by their fans. The audience had a blast as those images morphed sucking the audience in through the mouths of the drawings feeling like a rollercoaster ride. Throughout the set they experimented with a fusion of electronic beats blended by a worldly spin. They’re new age belly dance music contains an oddly intense demeanor. The audience adapted an unfamiliar way of moving and grooving during the show to keep up with the unique beats produced by musicians David Satori and Tommy Cappel.

The sounds they create truly depict a fusion of multiple genres emphasizing their worldliness. The set included dance, afro-beat, hip-hop and jazz infused with electronic to tie the genres together. Their enjoyably bizarre artistic musical display lasted late into the night. Not long after the show, Beats Antique celebrated their success with loyal fans at a local bar truly establishing their appreciation for what they do and whom they do it for.

Check out their latest released tracks that go along with their tour “A Thousand Faces- Act 1”.

“A Thousand Faces is meant to be an adventure for the audience, a wild ride that takes them through these mystical lands all across the globe,” said Satori. Enjoy!


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