four tet

Four Tet, known offstage as Kieran Hebden, demonstrates an ear for melodic flutters of sound, shimmering strings, and electronica that all come together in “Unicorn”, his latest single off of Beautiful Rewind. The London-born, ex-Fridge member, known by most as Four Tet, allows “Unicorn” to take delicate shape with almost indiscernible string elements and vocal chirps for the first 30 seconds of the song. The gently tribal drumbeat enters into the song to usher in a melody of flitting harps and metallic synths, giving “Unicorn” an almost mystical vibe, as if you were catching a brief glimpse of the mythical creature itself. Once again, Four Tet has crafted a piece of music that will take it’s listener away into a different headspace, and a beautiful one at that. Be sure to listen to “Unicorn”, and download the rest of Beautiful Rewind now.

Listen: “Unicorn” – Four Tet


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