You know I never considered myself as one for acid house, but after giving this new tune from Jensen Interceptor and Light Year a listen I think I’ve changed my mind.  Just days after releasing his track “Inside” featuring Louisahhh!!!, Light Year is back at it.  Before listening to this one I was only familiar with Light Year as one of my favorite Australian house music artists, but now I have Jensen Interceptor on the map. Jensen often refrences Light Year’s sound as a big influencing factor for his music and it’s no wonder these two vibes so well.  Jensen Interceptor has also had his tracks played out by the likes of Gesaffelstein, Simian Mobile Disco and Soulwax; some heavy artists so you know he’s doing something right.  Everything about “A.D.S.R.” is right.  Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.  Those four words make up the vocal bits of this big acid house track.  It’s hard to deny the simple techno aspects of this track too.  Little bleeps and bloops dot the track over and over again in that classic acid house fashion.  Don’t miss out on this big tune!


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  1. Jensen says he’s influenced by Light Year because he used to BE half of Light Year, fyi x

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