It’s becoming more and more common that electronic artists are creating soundtracks and scores for movies.  It’s as if directors and producers never realized that their style and compositional flow is totally conducive to the movie business.  For example, Skrillex scored Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers and Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” appeared all over Drive and we all remember Daft Punk’s Tron of course.

Lapalux bursts into the scene of scoring films with this short film lasting 4:34. This first thing that jumped out at me about the this video is the title, CHRYSALIS, which sounds like some kind of disease. In actuality, it’s a very fitting name for this short film by Nick Rutter as the young man begins to fall apart. My takeaway from this video is a literal portrayal of the phrase “don’ let a girl get you bent out of shape.” Lapalux possesses the profound ability to evoke emotions through his songs and this audio/visual art-form brings another dimension. I first listened to the song without the context of the video and felt almost all the same emotions as after viewing the film. This eerie, creepy short film wouldn’t have had the same emotional impact it holds with the help of the onimous beat by Lapalux and vocals by Jassy Grez.


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