It’s been a minute since we last heard from London duo, Maribou State, but the wait was well worth it.  The two are gearing up for a short, but exception two track EP titled Truths.  I truthfully don’t know a whole lot about the duo other than a few tracks that have really stood out.  From what I understand, the duo are prominent figures in the London house music scene.  They’ve played along side the likes of Breach, Tensnake, Koreless and many more.  They’ve even popped the cherry on their first Boiler Room appearance earlier this month.  On top of that, their Facebook page shows no shortage of festival appearances.  Seems like the boys in Maribou States are heading in the right direction, and after listening to this new EP I strongly agree. Truths is just two tracks but each speaks volumes about themselves as artists.  “Blue Sunday” starts with the glitter of soft fluttery notes then continues into transforms into fall-appropriate house tune with one big bassline that thumps along to the beat. “Truths” featuring Jimi Nxir is a soulful track with some layered guitar parts that stands less as a dance track and more of an emotional invoker.  Truths is available via Southern Fried Recordings October 28th.

Also, people living in the United States have the chance to catch Maribou State live, check the short list of dates below.



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