I am constantly searching for tracks with equal parts funk, groove, and vibe. I have had some serious difficulty finding tracks that fit this mold this past month or so, but I think that has changed.  “Always” is the feature track on Panama’s new EP, and Classixx gave this indie track a beautiful re-work. The vocals really shine through and give the track some serious catch, not to mention the lyrics are on point. The bass line  proves to be as groovy as it is dirty, which is difficult to find in nu-disco and indie-dance tracks these days. My head is bouncing back and fourth as I play this track with a weird coffee infused smile on my face, and I am now tempted to dig deeper into Classixx’s collection to see what other grooves these dudes have up their sleeves. If you enjoyed the remix give Panama’s new EP, Always, a listen and grab the free download if you wish.  My solid, chilly Chicago afternoon just got a lot better.

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