Theatre Of Delays has always captured my attention.  Whether it was the “Skyfall” remix or their remix for No Ceremony, the German duo has set the bar high with each release.  Each and every tune they produce or remix is theatrical to say the least.  For example, listen to this “Hate or Glory” Gesaffelstein remix they released just a week ago. A lot of emotion and passion is poured into each project and their newest original “Black Ballet” is no different.  “Black Ballet” is a dance of sorts, just as the track insists.  A progressive dance that slowly captures your attention where you can’t turn away.  Picture a black car in the streets of Berlin, the streets are empty and it’s nighttime.  Cruising along in that car with this tune playing would be other-worldly.  A surreal experience as you pass through the empty streets.  Imagine that car is on its way to a nightclub, a loft, a black-tie event.  You enter the dimly lit room and this song is starting to progress towards its climax once more, leaving you awestruck.  The “Black Ballet” is an emotional and very defined piece of music that I will be playing on repeat for a long time.  Theatre Of Delays has impressed me thus far, did they capture your attention?  Head to Theatre Of Delays’ Bandcamp to purchase the track now.


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