Make Up Your Mind (Solidisco Remix) - Aurra

Make Up Your Mind (Solidisco Remix) – Aurra

Disco and funk duo Solidisco is back yet again with another new-aged remix of a 70s/80s classic! This time around, they set their eyes on Aurra‘s “Make Up Your Mind”. Rewired with a groovy concoction of woodblocks, cowbells, tom toms, and a funky bass guitar melody, this nu-aged funk and house remix is nothing short of a dance floor party starter. The euphoric Jackson 5-esque lyrics and bouncy kick drums are also irresistibly catchy, and having roots within such a classic feel, there is something undeniably attractive for listeners of all ages and backgrounds. Available for purchase now on Beatport, Solidisco‘s latest remix is going straight to our list of funk essentials. Be sure to catch this dynamic duo’s set at Hard: Day of the Dead and at Cielo in NYC on Nov. 15, because they have a lot of unreleased material they will be showcasing at these upcoming shows! 


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