Los Angeles’ Body High Records is a relatively new record label featuring a slew of artists that are making waves in the electronic scene these days.  Started by Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL, Body High showcases artists that don’t fall into any genre-specific categories and their sounds continually evolve with each new track.  Lucky for us, Jerome LOL is keeping things interesting with his newest track.  He flips the classic Coldplay track “Yellow” into an electronic cover that you’ll either love or hate.  Let’s be honest, Coldplay hits home for some and others just don’t get it.  Where you stand may determine how much you like the track, but “Yellow” is one of Coldplay’s biggest and more popular tracks so maybe you’ll find a new love for the original.  I won’t lie the filtered and distorted vocals are a bit much sometimes, but overall the cover is a solid re-imagination.  Jerome LOL also notes that he’s currently working on a new EP that will be released through Friend Of Friends in early 2014.  Click the line below to download Jerome LOL’s Coldplay cover.

Download: Yellow (Jerome LOL) – Coldplay


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