Need a little funked up bass added to your Sunday evening? Get you week started off a little early with Filibusta‘s latest remix of Pretty Lights ‘Around The Block f. Talib Kweli’! Filibusta decided to bring back this beast of a tune by smothering it in his own personal flavor. By glitching things up a bit and tossing in his own style of bass fueled saxophone bliss we are left with a remix that is definitely on par with the original in its own right. Be sure you crank this one up because this massive remix is sure to get the blood flowing this evening. Considering Filibusta didn’t make the cut for the Pretty Lights remix contest we are getting this tune dished out for free, though it’s not necessarily under the best circumstances I’m sure Filibusta knows just how much everyone loves a free track (especially one as hefty as this).

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