Tincup is an underrated name in trap music, but it won’t be so for long. In preparation for his debut EP entitled III, Tincup recently released the sexy track “Mirrors”. Tincup can produce, and he can sing. The dark and seductive tune features original vocals of the shower-singing variety from the artist himself. A sinister melody makes “Mirrors” the perfect track for this Halloween.

I hit play on each of Tincup’s tracks with the anticipation of a child ripping open his first Reese’s peanut butter cup of the Halloween season. Like the lucky child I’ve yet to be disappointed. You won’t be either. Check out the free download “Lucy” (featuring, as usual, haunting original vocals) from the up-and-coming producer, and download “Mirrors” for on Bandcamp for only a dollar. Stay tuned for the release of III, available on October 29th.

Baby where’d you go,
With you went my soul,
Empty when you’re gone,
When you’re here i’m gold,
The mirrors image has got me deep,
The fear is in it,
Can’t get no sleep,
See I can not explain,
What you can not see,
Baby down below,
Their reaching up to me,
The mirrors image has got me deep,
The fear is in it.


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