Ever since I found Andrea’s music I’ve been backing this young Parisian artist.  His music has a certain serene feeling to it; something other-worldly.  I can connect to nearly every track, and while these tunes aren’t necessarily the ones that you’ll hear in the biggest clubs around the world, they soundtrack a long overcast day in bed so perfectly.  Normally Andrea releases new originals or remixes every week or so, but since his #OneSampleOneDay project (where he created a new track starting with a single sample for 30 days in a row), he has slowed down a little bit.  We’re just hoping he’s preparing for another big release like his Cruising EP.  On Andrea’s newest work, a remix of Kyson’s “Ocean Tides”, he leaves you with the soothing feeling of the tides.  Soft, hazy sounds matched perfectly with some distant and distorted vocals ushers you into a lullaby induced sleep.  Andrea’s got his forumla down to a science and I couldn’t be more excited for what comes next.

The remix comes from Moose Records third compilation release featuring eleven new tracks.  If you’re digging this remix you can download the entire Moosetape #3 via Bandcamp now.


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