With the ever expanding reaches of the internet growing by the day it’s not uncommon for certain things to get kicked up that wouldn’t be picked up on otherwise. This habitat of the internet has been aiding the music scene tremendously lately as we have begun seeing all sorts of producers come forth from the woodwork. This digital presence of many of these producers has given many of them the choice of whether or not they actually want to divulge their true identity to the world wide web and while some producers have eventually dropped the veil there are a few out there that are doing what they can to keep up the rouse. The other worldy producer I’m referring to in particular right now is the cosmic being that has become know as Trill Murray. By tapping into a sound that is equally cosmic and hood he has steadily made a name for himself throughout his short production career under this moniker. Yet as goes with many producers; tastes change, and life leads you down a different road so we are sorry to let you guys all know this will be the last tune we will see from Trill Murray until he picks things up under his new alias.. Now the man himself won’t cease to produce,that’s for damn sure, he’s simply taking up a new project. That being said it’s still sad to be the bearers of this news. Anyhow Trill wanted this project to go out with a bang so we hopped on board with our buddies over at Forward Thinking Sounds to bring you 87′. Hopefully each and every one of you have enjoyed the music he has churned out as Trill Murray. Looks like now it’s a waiting game to see where this name change will take his sound!

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