In case you’re trying to get you week started off with some lush chillwave vibes we have a brand new remix from Georgia’s Orikami that will be perfect! Just recently we were lucky enough to have these two talented young bedroom producers sew us up a whimsical hour long exclusive mix for all your eardrums. And to keep things fresh we are now gifted with this brand new remix of OMN‘s ‘Betwixt’ to sort on into our libraries and playlists. Much like the original from OMN this remix comes in on a very soft note, fueled by ghostly vocal sampling and airy spiraling synths it’s not long before we’re fully in the hands of Orikami. As they bend and weave their own laid back flavor into this already mellow tune they truly begin to make it their own by picking the tempo up a bit and adding a little more life to this catchy track.

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