artworks-000060691224-dw21o3-t500x500 After hearing some songs I find myself thinking “this song should be used in a movie.” However, when I listened to “Symmetry / The Hunt” I found myself wondering if this song was indeed made for a film. What sparked this thought is the fact that Johhny Jewel chose to put “Film” in the genre description of “The Hunt” on SoundCloud. The man behind Symmetry, Johnny Jewel, is the mastermind responsible for Symmetry, Glass Candy, Desire, and Chromatics on his highly respected label, Italians Do It Better. Johnny Jewel’s After Dark 2 is one of my favorite albums to be released in 2013 and definitely deserves a listen.

The album art released with “The Hunt” is fitting as listeners should prepare to embark on an an adventure through space and time. This track would go perfectly with an intense scene in a film because of the emotions this song has the capability of evoking. It makes me think of a hunt through a futuristic space metropolis of some sort. The evolving layers gives a quality of an ever changing soundscape capable of bring the listener on the adventure Johnny Jewel envisioned.


Johnny Jewel on SoundCloud

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