Though summer is on its way out, Plastic Plates is trying to bring back the heat and summer breeze with this new Miami Horror remix.  Plastic Plates (born Felix Bloxsom), a Australian transport that now resides in Los Angeles, is known for crafting funky little rhythms to match the disco-infused beats in his tracks.  Plastic Plates has fed us a consistent offering of new tracks over the last few months and they keep getting better and better with each release.  You might recall the infectious disco-house remix Plastic Plates did for Nile Delta (read more and download).  One of my favorites of this past year was a Para One remix Plastic Plates did for the French producer’s birthday (read more and download).  Felix brings the summer vibes back in a bit way on this Miami Horror remix.  Miami Horror’s music is inherently made for the summer months, but we get a new taste on “Real Slow”.  The sultry original vocals beg the listener to let go of what they’re doing and daydream of better days.  Simply put Plastic Plates and Miami Horror are a perfect match and you’ll find yourself singing along to this track in no time!


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