Mickael and David Couderc are the French duo behind KRONO. In 2007 the two attended their first Daft Punk show, and in light of that experience decided to pursue the electronic-house genre. Unlike many other producers who were inspired by Daft Punk’s innovative take on music and performances, this pair is taking their own spin on the genre. With other electro-house artists as inspiration like Justice, KRONO seems to encompass a sound that has aspects of freshness while still incorporating that euro flare that we all admire. KRONO’s freshest single, “Run”, features Linying, who is an experimental folk artist from Singapore. Together these two take you on a delicate yet explosive three minute and thirty-two second journey. As a side note if you do decide to look into more of KRONO’s material I recommend listening to their original material. Their remixes are good, but nothing beats that innovative and unprocessed approach.


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Linying on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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