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We thought some of you would really enjoy some big bass rhythms to brighten up your day on this fine Tuesday! That’s partially why we are so excited to bring you this exclusive opportunity to grab a free tune off of Wash‘s new release ‘Brooklyn Ride’. This seasoned producer has been treading water in the realms of BreakBeat and Drum&Bass for a good while now so it’s great to see him gaining some notoriety over here in the states. As Wash is the co-founder of Hong Kong’s premier Drum&Bass + Dubstep promoter Kongkretebass + Kongkast along side partner in crime Electronic Mistress (Elemiz) it’s great to see that he has been able to aid in expanding his sound to the world around. This talented producer comes at us from all angles on this new release of his ‘Brooklyn Ride’; we are hit with everything from DnB to footwork as we are drenched with quickly shifting and dropping rhythms that may make some of your heads spin. With his second release in early 2013 on a fast rising China based label Rankadank Recordings, Wash’s “Repulsion EP (2011)” and his “Equilibrium EP” are seen as the forefront of Hong Kong Drum & Bass music, more recently he has also released on Section 8 Recordings. This new release on Muti Music seems to set the bar though as we are taken on a journey of undulating basslines as Wash and Brad Pitch aid in taking us on a wild auditory ride.

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