By this time if you have jumped on the STYLSS wave you should;  A. not be taking your day to day nearly as seriously and B. getting as excited as we do when a new edition of the ‘Suicide Pact’ is dropped on the unforeseen public. The last batch of tracks we saw from this rag tag crew of producers was strewn with bootlegs of all mixes and varieties but this ninth edition comes in on a completely different wavelength. On this edition each producer seems to hone in on a similar downtempo atmospheric which each artist is able to put their own spin on. As many other STYLSS pact’s this edition is no different, packed to the absolute brim with an amazing roster of artists that are constantly bringing something new to the table. We see everything from solo productions to collaboratives acts as ATMcestladoreChoongumDead Fetus, DeadlyDollaz, DMN SLYR, Golden Living Room, HAARPS, Heartsparxx,  Kool Trasher, LOOK., Milc, Modeling, Mike Labyrinth, Nightizm, QUARRY, River Bones, SAINT PEPSI, SBMRGE., Shmuck The Loyal, Stewart Villain, Was Legit, and wokr all lend their skills to this stellar ninth edition. Oozing with so much downtempo future bass it will make your head spin you better scoop up a free download before you become too immersed!

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