Sexy, disturbing, melodic, organic and raw electronica. These word together can only describe the unyielding work of one genre pioneer, 23 year old Chilean born Nicolas Jaar. As you probably know, Jaar has recently teamed up with the silky smooth fingers of fellow live musician and talented guitarist, Dave Harrington. The two, together known as DARKSIDE, have released their debut LP titled Psychic, on Jaar’s new label venture Other People. Different to that of his former label Clown and Sunset, Jaar now wishes to have a platform which expresses a more futuristic and experimental sound. Thus, he created an innovative magazine-type label online coined  Other People, which releases new content to its’ catalogue every week. One of the most valuable additions to the new label is without a doubt Psychic, Jaar’s eight track compilation with Harrington, released earlier this month.

Resident Advisor offers us the opportunity to get even closer to the brilliant musicians behind DARKSIDE. In the first episode of the new video series titled “RA: Session”, we are able to experience an intimate live performance of their feature track ‘Paper Trails’.  The passion expressed in Jaar’s voice and the carefully manipulated sounds of Harrington’s guitar make for one of the most beautiful tracks ever caught up-close on camera. Although only ten minutes long, the live track is meticulously crafted to tell a whole story to its listeners. Jaar and Harrington manage to take every emotional element in their sound repertoire to ultimately weave an impressionable composition of melodic mysteries.

Check out DARKSIDE’s exceptional live performance on youtube below and stream to their debut LP Psychic on Jaar’s online label Other People.



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