Ever since this song started streaming around the web I knew there would come a day I would actually stumble upon a remix that shifted this wrecking ball of a track into something tolerable. Though that may come off a little blunt at first, I’m sure plenty of you will agree with me. Anyhow, that day has finally come and Kaelin Ellis has crafted a sweet atmospheric rendition of Miley Cyrus‘ ‘Wrecking Ball’. With a slow bouncing bassline leading us into this pitch shifted and chopped remix, we are already at ease as Ellis weaves his way into the remix. Whimsically strings and echoing vocals slide over the original lyrics as we spin through this light dreamy lullaby that just saw the public eye a few weeks back. Being that this remix is so much more refreshing than the original we really need to give Kaelin Ellis some props for doing this track right! Though he maxed out this downloads via his SoundCloud there’s still an alternate download link so be sure to hop on that after you come out of the daze this remix may leave you in.

Alternate Download

Kaelin Ellis on Facebook | SoundCloud


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