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One fourth of the Parisian collective known as Club Cheval, Sam Tiba, is back is a new and ambitious remix.  I first discovered Sam Tiba, by way of Club Cheval, two years ago on the floating oasis known as Holy Ship.  Sam and Club Cheval (Sam Tiba, Panteros666, Myd, Canblaster) joined forces to perform off-kilter hip-hop and electro beats that captivated minds aboard the ship and led to follow-up listenings after our disembarking.  Though Club Cheval only performs together every so often, the group’s individuals release new material that is on an equal level.  You may recall Sam Tiba’s big EP, The Saddest Show In Town, that was released this past June.  A mesh of bass-heavy beats with an electro emphasis and emotional context creates a unique sound that few people outside of the French-music world are producing.  Now, a few months later we get a new taste of Tiba’s talent.  A remix for fellow Parisian, Surkin, is on another level.  Starting with chopped up vocal samples and big bass kicks we’re introduced to an experimental hip-hop beat that sounds like it comes from a video game.  Listen to the track below and grab the free download that Marble Music has made available.


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