jesse x Tropkillaz

If you’ve been following the twerk/trap scenes  in any capacity these past few months, the combination of young upstart Jesse Slayter and the Brazillian duo Tropkillaz should perk your interest. If not, a quick briefing may be in order: Jesse Slayter has been churning out mid-tempo dance-floor anthems for almost a year now, (following a brief flirtation with disco house) whereas Tropkillaz have been crafting trap bangers with the likes of gLAdiatorJSTJR, and Yellow Claw. As you might imagine, the two artists mesh remarkably well on this tune. A low rolling, reese style bass cushions a haunting lo-fi vocal throughout the intro of the track, but the drop is where this tune really shines. Jesse Slayter brings his signature plucky, cascading synths to the table, while a middle-eastern-esque vibrato gives the tune a distinctly ominous vibe.  Check it out, Free Download below.



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