salvaHonestly the first time I heard this I thought it was going to be some sort of mash-up with “Show Me What You Got,” (the song in which Jay-Z so infamously samples Johnny Pates’ “Shaft in Africa”), but then common sense hit me and knew Salva and mash-up shouldn’t even belong in the same sentence. Beginning with that infamous horn loop, the song transitions right into the vocals and some dirty drum kicks. A nice change of pace from the original, Salva once again doesn’t disappoint and proves he’s a bass king.

Salva, a Chicago native who now resides in LA, is the BBC Radio 1 host of In New DJs We Trust, which airs on the last Thursday of every month. I really enjoy listening to what he plays because he selects all really fresh tracks that I definitely would not be able to find on my own. He also is responsible for dropping one of the hottest tracks of 2012, a collaborative remix with RL Grime of Kanye West‘s “Mercy”.  He is an extremely talented and versatile producer who utilizes a multitude of different sounds where you will hear house motif, funk, and heavy-bass influences infused in his tracks.

If you like the track go check out his Check Yo Ponytail Heartbreak Mix he recently put out, which is also available for free download.

Listen / Download : Gas Pedal (Salva Remix) – Sage The Gemini & Iamsu!


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