In a recent interview Gesaffelstein revealed what’s behind the name that is so hard to pronounce.  He stated, “It’s a conjunction of two words, the first is ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, which is an expression in German meaning the perfection of art. The second is Einstein, because I’m a big fan of his work.”  Gesaffelstein (born Mike Levy) has solidified his place in dance music with Aleph, his debut album.  He’s a French-man that hasn’t unveiled much behind his production practices and life in general until recently when Mixmag did an extensive interview with him to promote the album.

Gesaffelstein premiered the first single, “Pursuit”, from the album this Summer along with a video that was just as epic as the track (read and watch the video).  “Pursuit” is an excellent first track to listen to if you’re just getting into Gesa’s music.  A fast-paced and erie track from start to finish that captures his style in just a mere four minutes.  The second single, “Hate Or Glory” gets even darker.  Released only a couple weeks ago along with another video from the same director, we’re further introduced to Gesaffelstein’s “art”.  Sinister sounds that can only be heard in slow-motion create the perfect slasher movie soundtrack while also being perfect for a late night car ride under the neon lights of the city.  Artists like Brodinski, A-Trak, and plenty of Ed Banger artists have been supporting Gesaffelstein over the last couple years and it’s now very exciting to see his work widely respected and distributed.  Though we can only preview two of the 14 tracks here, a listen to “Destinations”, “Obsession” and “Hellifornia” will guarantee your purchase.  Gesaffelstein is here to stay, join the dark side.

Gesaffelstein’s new album, Aleph, is out now.  Purchase on Itunes.

1. Out Of Line
2. Pursuit
3. Nameless
4. Destinations
5. Obsession
6. Hellifornia
7. Aleph
8. Wall Of Memories
9. Duel
10. Piece Of Future
11. Hate Or Glory
12. Values
13. Trans
14. Perfection


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  1. Great album but doesn’t the artwork for the album look soooooo much like Phuture Dooms.

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