I awoke this morning to a rainy, cloudy day in Boulder and immediately started dreading this Monday, but then I opened my SoundCloud feed and my day was completely turned around thanks to a brand new track from one of the hottest breakthrough artists of the year. UK’s Disclosure has been busy touring the states in support of their huge debut album, Settle, but they found time in between playing shows every night to keep making incredible dance tunes that raise the bar for what is expected in the scene.

Their newest track, “Apollo,” slowly layers vocal samples and various instruments on top of one another before they all come together to create a complex, head-moving dance beat by the end of the first minute. The rest of the track sees Disclosure subtly adding and dropping elements out of the beat to keep the track diverse, with an excellently timed vocal sample that leads into the most intense parts of the song. The talent that Guy & Howard Lawrence possess is undeniable, and at this rate, the sky really is the limit for this young, spectacular duo.


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