Eric Volta Love Your Illusion

One of the most anticipated releases of 2013, Eric Volta‘s “Love Your Illusion EP” came out today on No. 19 Records, continuing the status-quo of dark-yet-musical deep house tracks that No. 19 is famous for. The A-side track, “Love Your Illusion,” has been championed by Art Department for months now, and has consistently been the highlights of their sets, always receiving an amazing response from the crowd.

“Love Your Illusion” starts off with a stomping beat that progressively adds more layers as a subdued synth-line slowly works its way in. After a tense buildup, the song releases into a vicious and dark afterhours track that will be sure to melt faces. The complex percussion, synth, and  bass bounce off each other playfully before a spacey break cuts in that brings the listener on a trippy musical journey for a remarkable two and a half minutes before unleashing the powerful synthline once again. This song is absolutely perfect for the peak of an afterhour set, playing out for an ever-changing and extremely creative nine and a half minutes.

The B-side track, “Master of Puppets” is more a more subdued, stripped-back house track that starts off with a consistent bassline that will have get the dancefloor moving. Intoxicating female and ghostly male vocals move their way in and out before a droning synth pierces the highs. This track is highlighted by its spacious tones and extremely interesting sound animation.

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