A few days back we posted about the original “Ghetto Guetta” by Phra, the remaining member of Crookers, but now we’ve got the Dilligas remix that makes the original sound tame at best. Both Crookers and Dilligas definitely push boundaries with their productions staying very far away from anything that sounds formulaic, which is why I love them.  I first became intrigued with Dilligas, another Italian producer, four months ago when his Introduction Mixtape popped up on my SoundCloud (which seriously bangs by the way) and saw that nearly the whole mixtape was full of IDs.  Since then I have kept my eyes open for him, only to find that two tracks have been released until now, further legitimizing my suspicion that Dilligas is in fact Phra.  Staying true to his jungle-sounding roots he successfully creates a fusion of ghetto bass and techno, which makes this song so memorable and continues to prove what a talented producer he is.

Listen : Ghetto Guetta (Dilligas Remix) – Crookers


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