Autograf, a future house trio shrouded in secrecy, have remixed Amtrac’s soulful “Walkin'” into a sexy, chill, after-hours tune. Amtrac, Caleb Cornett’s alter ego, is known for funky house tracks with lots of sampling, as well as his strong vocals tinged by his Kentucky roots. Autograf, from what they have released so far, is the opposite. Their sound is one of refined, sensual beats, perfect for dancing til dawn at the club or cooling down at the afterparty. Together, the blend of Amtrac’s unique bluesy vocals and Autograf’s keen ear for seductive sound works to create a truly special edit of “Walkin.” The track has been transformed by Autograf into a sultry skeleton of the original, with glistening strums of  moody guitars, a tight beat, and faded vocals, making this remix of “Walkin'” a crucial feature in Autograf’s ever-growing catalogue. Autograf, once again, has kindly made their remix available for free. Download it now!

Be sure to attend their upcoming show:  Warhol’s Factory Halloween Party w/ Kastle and Kody Madro at the House of Blues Chicago on Friday, November 1, 2013.  


Inspired by the legendary Andy Warhol and his New York studio The Factory, the House of Blues Chicago will be transformed into a pop art inspired “Factory” — an immersive space for creating, displaying and interacting with mixed-media art while also doubling up as a location for a decadent dance party. The stage will be transformed into an art installation of original works by local artists inspired by Warhol. The notorious 1980s era “Club Kids” dance parties will be juxtaposed into a 2013 context with the DJ booth moved down onto the dance floor in front of the stage emulating the UK warehouse vibe of having the DJs immersed in the middle of the dance floor.



Warhol Flyer

Listen / Download: Walkin’ (Autograf Remix) – Amtrac [FREE DL] 


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