The dynamic Canadian duo, Adventure Club, whose energetic stage presence and distinct sound have garnered adoring fans, are at it again. Calling All Heroes- Pt.1, a somewhat uncharacteristic four-track EP released on BMG early last week (October 22), is making big waves across multiple musical genres. Embracing a multitude of electronic influences, think big-room house meets electro, Adventure Club’s Christian Srigley and Leighton Callou commendably venture away from the norm. Currently sitting comfortably at number one on iTunes electronic albums chart, Adventure Club’s gamble has paid off. Calling All Heroes- Pt.1, only heightens anticipation for what lies ahead.

The EP is being released in anticipation of a headlining, and production-heavy, eight-week Superheroes Anonymous Tour, with DVBBS, Dallas K, and Hunter Siegel. The tour kicks off November 2.

A track-by-track break down of, Calling All Heroes- Pt.1:


Gold (feat. Yuna)” – A harkening back to their roots, “Gold”, exemplifies Adventure Club’s completely original style. Spliced vocals open into a dreamy yet lyrically haunting refrain from the multi-talented singer/song-writer (and bizarrely enough, legal academic), Yuna. Ethereal screams captivate as the piercing build gives way to a dreamy explosion of melodic bliss. Likely to be considered Calling All Heroes- Pt.1’s strongest track.


Wonder (feat. The Kite String Tangle)” – The one unfortunate stain on Adventure Club’s latest project. Over-pronunciation abounds as drawn out vocals only accentuate unfortunately cliché lyrics. “I know I should have held you closer. I know I should have treated you better.” The previous refrain echoes throughout the self-conscious, “Wonder.”   Devoid of the conceptual texture and diversity Adventure Club tracks have become synonymous with, this pop-radio aspiring track stays consistently flat. Much like the lyrical attempt to apologize or win back an ex-lover, this song fails to accomplish any goal.


Crash” – “Crash”, opens up much the way the soundtrack to a TRON inspired futuristic car-chase might.  Following the initial electro-infused intro and glossy female refrain- listeners are thrust into the passenger-side seat of a chaotic laser-beam shoot-out. Undeniably fun, “Crash”, emerges as a brief yet enthralling ride.


Thunderclap” – Likely inspired by Dillon Francis’ social media antics, “Thunderclap”, took on a personality of its own when the track besieged twitter and the internet earlier this month. A slew of retweets from Adventure Club themselves inspired hundreds of fans to torment their parents with obscure questions regarding “Thunderclapping.” While “Thunderclapping” on the dance floor grows, so too will Adventure Club’s audience. The ominously aggressive chord progressions and blistering drops will leave club-reveling dance partners wide eyed, mouths agape.


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