artworks-000061350991-yph32f-t500x500 Everyone’s favorite Australian beatmaker, Flume, hit the world by storm with his debut album last fall, establishing his niche in the ever expanding down-tempo scene. Flume will be releasing the deluxe edition of the album on November 12th with collaborations from Ghostface Killah, How to Dress Well, Twin Shadow and more. I would expect this deluxe edition to be nothing less from spectacular and am especially excited for the How to Dress well remix.

L D R U put minimal effects on the vocals of “Insane” and slowed them down slightly, which gives this remix a focus on the vocal element. The energy from the original is maintained as L D R U delivers an up-beat rework of the already flawless “Insane”. Make sure you check out the full deluxe version of the Aussie producer’s self titled debut album out on November 12.


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