artworks-000061350714-upuhb0-t500x500“Last Stand” by Kwabs just popped up on my SoundCloud feed and I had no expectations of what it would sound like. I was pleasantly surprised as the dark, ominous, down-tempo style beat charged in with an evolving, suspenseful bassline while Kwabs poured his soul into this tune. The choice of Kwabs’ production and singing style remind me very much of a more soulful James Blake, and I have no problem with that. This beat, produced by Sohn, could have stood as a solid track on its own, but even better with the addition of crooning by Kwab. The ability of an artist to fill a track with the amount of emotion that Kwabs does is simply incredible. I really enjoy deep basslines that rumble a subwoofer throughout the track, and both of Kwab’s SoundCloud tracks are encompasses by these types of minimal, yet hard hitting beats. If soulful music accompanied by dark electronic beats strikes your fancy, check out another single by Kwabs, “Spirit Fade” (read here).


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